Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica

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Patek Philippe is acknowledged throughout history for manufacturing some of the most brilliant designs to ever grace the horological world and the Calatrava is certainly no exception. This watch is designed for true lovers of craftsmanship and reflects the relentless pursuit of perfection that has always been the primary mission of this illustrious Swiss watch company.

The Patek Philippe’s Calatrava is an ultimate timeless classic. Its outstanding simplistic design is a confirmation of the brand’s artistry in the watchmaking industry. Sure, a complicated watch is nice to have, but it certainly does not improve the legibility of the watch’s time display. The Calatrava timepiece eliminates any sort of design or functional complication and presents a simple dial. Easy to read, easy to use. It is definitely a purely elegant timepiece with a gold case, a hobnail patterned bezel, white lacquered dial with painted black Roman numeral hour markers, small seconds sub-dial and a hand-stitched shiny black alligator strap with square scales. Its sleek lines and subtle elegance express perfectly the artistic excellence at its very finest.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919R replica

Indeed, the gold color case makes the watch seem a little bit old-fashioned, but this particular detail adds to its classic appeal.  The Calatrava name stands for tradition and for a watch legacy unique in the horological world.  Traditional watches are a pillar of the luxury watch industry. Based on your frame of mind they feel uninteresting or fascinating, and the best ones are always gorgeous no matter whether you feel like wearing them or not. This being said, we have to explain that the Patek Philippe Calatrava is not just another traditional dress watch. It is the ultimate clean looking classy dress watch, perfect for any special occasion. This is by all means, the design that has to be part of your watch collection.

Now that you know more about it, you simply need to own one. The trick is that the original one costs more than most people make in a year. This can seriously discourage any watch collector, but not the most tenacious ones. For those who know that there is always an answer for achieving what you seek, the replica industry is the key. Nowadays, a knock-off is as good as the real watch. You simply need to know where to find it and how to pick it. Start browsing the online companies and compare every small detail until you find an exact replica of the Calatrava watch.

We will present below two images. The first one is of the authentic watch and the second one is of a replica. Indeed, this is one of the few well-made replicas available out there, but there are still small design differences that can be noticed at a closer look. The first one is the bezel. On the real Calatrava the bezel has a squared hobnail patterned bezel while on the fake there is a circular hobnail surface bezel. And then there is also the aspect of the leather strap. The original watch is supposed to have a shiny black alligator strap, while the replica has a regular matte finish leather band. Still, all these differences are barely noticeable. As an overall conclusion, this imitation is one of the best one you will probably find online.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava is a watch of timeless elegance that will unmistakably pass the test of time throughout the passage of future generations. No other model gives a better definition to the unique Patek Philippe style. It does no wonder that countless watch collectors dream of owning this precious timepiece.