Santos 100 – Modern Aviator Watch

black cartier santos banner

One of the most successful models the worldwide famous watchmaking house has ever come up with, Santos 100 is still trendy nowadays, more than 100 years after it was created and it will remain in the history of timepieces as an iconic item that influenced this domain’s entire evolution, expanding the use of wrist watches to the masculine population.

The watch’s name reminds Alberto Santos Dumont – the son of a rich Brazilian coffee producer, who built his career in the field of aviation, being one of its pioneers. The French watch maker, Louis Cartier helped Santos fulfill his dream of having a time measuring device that he could take with him when boarding on his plane. Although Santos 100 was by no means the first wrist watch to have been created, it helped making the concept more popular among men, whose were, until then in favor of pocket watches.

black dial and band cartier watch

Featuring a comfortable leather strap and big Roman figures as hour indicators, this replica watch was suitable for the given purpose. As a result, Santos 100 adorned the renowned aviator’s wrist during all his flights. The watch’s elegance made it famous internationally and more people required this model. While the original item can be admired at the Air Museum in Paris, together with Santos-Dumont’s aircraft, Demoiselle, other similar Cartier time pieces, displaying the same exquisite features, circulate on the market.

Among these features, we can mention the rounded angles of the dial and the visible screws that distinguish this watch from the crowd, even 100 years after. Such a successful model deserved an anniversary collection for its centenary and this is exactly what Cartier issued in 2004. The new Santos 100 is made of steel, and comes with an alligator leather band, that emphasize the model’s style and elegance.

Durability is guaranteed by the watch making house’s name. The steel case comes to ensure the model’s resistance both to mechanical shocks and to the time’s effect. The self-winding movement caliber 076 brings along Cartier’s reputation of creating watches that are never 1 minute behind. The Roman figures on the display relate to the original model and provides the watch with a rather vintage look that a time piece benefiting from such a long history and tradition deserves.

Created with an aviator in mind, but also with the typical French elegance of the 19th century, Santos 100 is the perfect way to express your exquisite taste and status. Original time pieces never go out of fashion and never fail to display the exact time up to the smallest fraction of a second, and this is what a modern man like you needs as a daily accessory.