Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica

3 Patek Philippe Calatrava watches

Patek Philippe is acknowledged throughout history for manufacturing some of the most brilliant designs to ever grace the horological world and the Calatrava is certainly no exception. This watch is designed for true lovers of craftsmanship and reflects the relentless pursuit of perfection that has always been the primary mission of this illustrious Swiss watch company.

The Patek Philippe’s Calatrava is an ultimate timeless classic. Its outstanding simplistic design is a confirmation of the brand’s artistry in the watchmaking industry. Sure, a complicated watch is nice to have, but it certainly does not improve the legibility of the watch’s time display. The Calatrava timepiece eliminates any sort of design or functional complication and presents a simple dial. Easy to read, easy to use. It is definitely a purely elegant timepiece with a gold case, a hobnail patterned bezel, white lacquered dial with painted black Roman numeral hour markers, small seconds sub-dial and a hand-stitched shiny black alligator strap with square scales. Its sleek lines and subtle elegance express perfectly the artistic excellence at its very finest.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919R replica

Indeed, the gold color case makes the watch seem a little bit old-fashioned, but this particular detail adds to its classic appeal.  The Calatrava name stands for tradition and for a watch legacy unique in the horological world.  Traditional watches are a pillar of the luxury watch industry. Based on your frame of mind they feel uninteresting or fascinating, and the best ones are always gorgeous no matter whether you feel like wearing them or not. This being said, we have to explain that the Patek Philippe Calatrava is not just another traditional dress watch. It is the ultimate clean looking classy dress watch, perfect for any special occasion. This is by all means, the design that has to be part of your watch collection.

Now that you know more about it, you simply need to own one. The trick is that the original one costs more than most people make in a year. This can seriously discourage any watch collector, but not the most tenacious ones. For those who know that there is always an answer for achieving what you seek, the replica industry is the key. Nowadays, a knock-off is as good as the real watch. You simply need to know where to find it and how to pick it. Start browsing the online companies and compare every small detail until you find an exact replica of the Calatrava watch.

We will present below two images. The first one is of the authentic watch and the second one is of a replica. Indeed, this is one of the few well-made replicas available out there, but there are still small design differences that can be noticed at a closer look. The first one is the bezel. On the real Calatrava the bezel has a squared hobnail patterned bezel while on the fake there is a circular hobnail surface bezel. And then there is also the aspect of the leather strap. The original watch is supposed to have a shiny black alligator strap, while the replica has a regular matte finish leather band. Still, all these differences are barely noticeable. As an overall conclusion, this imitation is one of the best one you will probably find online.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava is a watch of timeless elegance that will unmistakably pass the test of time throughout the passage of future generations. No other model gives a better definition to the unique Patek Philippe style. It does no wonder that countless watch collectors dream of owning this precious timepiece.

Santos 100 – Modern Aviator Watch

black cartier santos banner

One of the most successful models the worldwide famous watchmaking house has ever come up with, Santos 100 is still trendy nowadays, more than 100 years after it was created and it will remain in the history of timepieces as an iconic item that influenced this domain’s entire evolution, expanding the use of wrist watches to the masculine population.

The watch’s name reminds Alberto Santos Dumont – the son of a rich Brazilian coffee producer, who built his career in the field of aviation, being one of its pioneers. The French watch maker, Louis Cartier helped Santos fulfill his dream of having a time measuring device that he could take with him when boarding on his plane. Although Santos 100 was by no means the first wrist watch to have been created, it helped making the concept more popular among men, whose were, until then in favor of pocket watches.

black dial and band cartier watch

Featuring a comfortable leather strap and big Roman figures as hour indicators, this replica watch was suitable for the given purpose. As a result, Santos 100 adorned the renowned aviator’s wrist during all his flights. The watch’s elegance made it famous internationally and more people required this model. While the original item can be admired at the Air Museum in Paris, together with Santos-Dumont’s aircraft, Demoiselle, other similar Cartier time pieces, displaying the same exquisite features, circulate on the market.

Among these features, we can mention the rounded angles of the dial and the visible screws that distinguish this watch from the crowd, even 100 years after. Such a successful model deserved an anniversary collection for its centenary and this is exactly what Cartier issued in 2004. The new Santos 100 is made of steel, and comes with an alligator leather band, that emphasize the model’s style and elegance.

Durability is guaranteed by the watch making house’s name. The steel case comes to ensure the model’s resistance both to mechanical shocks and to the time’s effect. The self-winding movement caliber 076 brings along Cartier’s reputation of creating watches that are never 1 minute behind. The Roman figures on the display relate to the original model and provides the watch with a rather vintage look that a time piece benefiting from such a long history and tradition deserves.

Created with an aviator in mind, but also with the typical French elegance of the 19th century, Santos 100 is the perfect way to express your exquisite taste and status. Original time pieces never go out of fashion and never fail to display the exact time up to the smallest fraction of a second, and this is what a modern man like you needs as a daily accessory.

History of Rolex Watches

five rolex watches

Rolex is a worldwide known name that inspires perfection. Rolex watches are a status symbol for the rich and fabulous and with two thousands items produced each day, it doesn’t seem like they are slowing down. It is a Swiss manufacturer which was founded over a hundred years ago and it has impressed the public ever since. There are many models that have caught the attention of the entire world over this long tradition of making high quality luxury watches and here are some that should be considered if you plan on buying a luxury Rolex watch.

black rolex airking

Air-king: this steal finished watch with a sapphire crystal represents what Rolex is all about, creating watches that are good looking and stylish but also timeless. The Rolex Air-king is a beautiful combination of long traditions and modern technology and the result is truly superb. This model can go great with a nice suit and it is usually for men that like having quality things but not too flashy. It is very subtle and although it may appear simple, it is far from common; at the end of the day it is still a Rolex and it remains the status symbol we all know it to be. The blue dial adds a bit of color to this model and it actually makes it very fashionable. The Rolex Air-king is waterproof and self-winding, so it would be a great addition to every man’s collection.

Black rolex daydate watch

Daydate: Rolex is actually the first manufacturer that introduced a watch with an automatically changing day and date on the dial. Nowadays the Rolex Day-Date is the best of the best when it comes to quality. With valuable materials such as platinum, the Day-Date has come a long way from the first model but it still has the same innovative feel about it, something special that can be seen right away. The day is displayed on the top of the dial, just above the royal Rolex logo and the date is where the III should have been. It is very classy and elegant and some consider it to be the ultimate representation of luxury watches, the best in a league of perfection. Don’t worry about the 4 being displayed as IIII as that is not a design mistake, but an improvement to keep the overall balance of the display.

gold diamond datejust watch

Datejust: In 1945, Rolex introduced the first watch with an automatically changing date, the Rolex Datejust. The first Datejust was something revolutionary, a watch ahead of all the others, design and technology wise. Fast-forward a few decades and we have the new Rolex Datejust which resembles its predecessor in many ways. It is something unique and special and it brings a whole new concept of elegance to the luxury watch industry. With a perfect combination of steel 18 ct gold it is more than just a watch, it represents Rolex and it also represents the owner. The magnifying circle on top of the date was added a few years later than the initial model and it quickly became a standard for Rolex watches.

black rolex explorer 1 watch

Explorer: Although most people know Rolex as being exclusive and fashionable, the Rolex Explorer targets a new public, people that have to resist in rough terrain and harsh climate. The Explorer was the choice Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay for their Mount Everest expedition. This choice wasn’t just for the great style but most important for the precision that the Rolex Explorer has in some of the most extreme conditions. The new Explorer still has a Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers to make sure that it never falls behind no matter where you are and what you are doing, not even for a millisecond. It is made of steel for a better resistance but it still maintains that Rolex beauty we are used to. The Rolex Explorer is the perfect example of functionality meeting style, it can be worn at special events and it can withstand the sub-zero temperatures of the highest place on Earth, it is truly a masterpiece that could have only be achieved by Rolex.

stainless steel rolex explorer watch

Explorer II: The Rolex Explorer II has the same legacy as the Explorer, being the choice of explorers and collectors alike and as far as the styles goes, there have been some changes. The first thing you notice is the fixed bezel with the 24 hours markings. The trained eye will also notice an increase in size, of 1 mm, and also the hour, minute and second hands which are now a bit bigger and easier to see. The Explorer II also has an automatically changing date displayed on the left side of the dial. It is an evolution in style and functionality without taking away from the style of the former models in the Rolex Explorer series.

blue rolex submariner watch with two tone band

Submariner: A revolutionary idea from Rolex is that they started using ceramic bezels for their sports watches and this includes the Submariner. The thing about ceramic bezel is that it is very resistant to scratches and damage and it also keeps out UV light. The Rolex Submariner appeared in 11 James Bond movies making it a star between stars like Sean Connery. It was the first watch ever to withstand depths of 100 meters and it was improved to be now water resistant for up to 300 meters deep. The Rolex Submariner is available in different combinations of steel, white gold and yellow gold but the overall design is the same no matter what materials you choose. It has a rotatable, Cerachrom disc and a magnifying part over the date display as we are used to with Rolex luxury watches. If you want something that can be water resistant for up to three hundred meters and also look classy, the Rolex Submariner is perfect, no matter if you choose to go diving or to a formal event.

black seadweller rolex watch

Sea Dweller: Along with the Submariner, Rolex also has the Sea Dweller, meant to withstand the pressure of deep-sea diving. The way a Rolex Sea Dweller works is quite interesting, it has a helium release valve that can help stabilize the pressure when under water. This way, the watch is precise even in extreme conditions; the concept was invented with the help Doxa, another watch manufacturer from Switzerland. The recent model can go as deep as 3900 meters and the double extension on the bracelets permits any diver to put it over his swimsuit. The style is pretty much the same as any luxury watch from Rolex, although the magnifying portion over the date is not available for this model and another difference is the text that indicates the existence of an original gas escape valve. The numbers on the rotatable bezel are a bit bigger than what you may be used to but this so for a better read underwater.

green dial rolex gmt-master watch

GMT-Master: The first Rolex GMT-Master was introduced in 1954 and it was the first watch to display two different time zones at the same time. It was actually designed in collaboration with a big airline to help their pilots keep track of GMT and another different time zone; a very important aspect if you consider the fact that there were no GPS gadgets. It quickly became very popular amongst business men that needed to travel and keeping two time zones helped them avoid jetlag. NASA has also shown interest in this model as well as soldiers that needed to have another time zone on their watch. The Rolex GMT-Master II was introduced in the 80s and as far as design goes, it is pretty much the same as the first one. One of the things that the second model has apart from the GMT-Master is the option to set the hour hand without having to change the second, minute or the GMT ones. This small feature is very useful when you need to change time zones and as this model maintains the rotatable bezel, you can now display three time zones. The GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 24 hour hand is now something common and it has been adopted by other watch manufacturers but it was Rolex that set the terrain with the GMT-Master and the GMT-Master II. The first models were made of steel for a better resistance but Rolex started combing it with gold to create more fashionable watches, thus making the GMT-Master II more of a status symbol than a reliable time piece. But it is always ready to prove that it’s a great watch. It will remain one of the favorite amongst pilots and sailors.

black rolex daytona watch

Daytona: The first Rolex Daytona series was produced from 1960 to 1980 and the limited number made them an instant collectable for watch lovers all around the world. Every model had a distinct four digit number so that consumers could keep track and guarantee its originality. Due to the high demand, Rolex was forced to create a new series with a Zenith modified movement. Nowadays, the Rolex Daytona watches have a unique six digits number, each comes with a certificate and has the chronograph feature. The name comes from the Daytona 24 hours endurance race which takes place once a year and it is home to some of the most consuming racing events. The first models were made of steel but you can now buy one in different variations of white gold, yellow gold and Everose gold. The bezel maintains the style with the tachometric scale that allows racers to know exactly what their time is at any certain point. It is a very functional watch with pinpoint accuracy but it can easily be considered one of the most luxurious watches on the market today. Although Rolex Daytona watches are still produced today, the most valuable ones are the ones from the first series, the ones with the four digits number that only a hand full of consumers have managed to own.

When it comes to combining functionality with great style and class, no other watch manufacturer does it better than Rolex. Throughout history, we saw revolutionary ideas and amazing designs come together to satisfy costumers of all tastes. From the Datejust to the GMT-Master, watches that changed the industry forever, watches that will remain icons for every watch collector. The unique designs and rare metals used changed the way we think about a watch, and made Rolex what it is today, the biggest watch manufacturer in the world.